Energy, Power and Vitality with Pedram Shojai

Episode 046
Duration 46 min
Pedram Shojai - Author, Film maker, Husband and Dad
Pedram Shojai

Pedram Shojai is a modern day Jedi. He spent time as a Taoist monk and doctor of Oriental medicine. He’s written best-selling books, produced films, and helped millions of humans find better health. He’s also known in the world as “The Urban Monk” which is a powerful brand and avatar for the energy and content he’s creating.

This episode is loaded with insights around environment, self inquiry, energy, life force power, and the innate vitality we all have within us. We also talk about Pedram’s book – FOCUS: Bringing Time, Energy and Money into Flow. We dig into the Life Garden concept and how it applies to our energy management.

Pedram also shares some history and mythology behind Bodhidharma and the Shaolin monks. We discuss how those origins shaped the Star Wars story, other hero’s journey examples, and Pedram’s mission to become a force for good. I really enjoyed this conversation!

I appreciate Pedram for his courage and stand for justice. He’s committed to truly helping people and he’s up against the “dark side.” You’ll have to listen to this episode to understand why 🙂


Ali Jafarian

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