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Get powerful tools, guidance and strategic support to evolve as a more conscious leader.

Let's create space together.

What is this?

SPACE offers personalized leadership consulting for businesses and organizations. This involves:

  • Conscious Leadership
  • Culture Development
  • Business Evolution

Our consulting programs are designed to:

  • Give you deeper awareness and clarity as a leader.
  • Support you in building an authentic culture with better communication.
  • Help you create new systems to realize your vision.
Not for everybody...

SPACE consulting is ideal for growth minded leaders who are committed to showing up authentically. This training is for leaders who want powerful soft skills and a deeper connection with their people. This is not for leaders who need to add another zero to their bottom line.

Our consulting can help you if:

  • You experience regular stress and anxiety in your leadership role.
  • You lack an integrated team with real culture.
  • Your business is not supporting your lifestyle design.

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How does it work?

We develop a unique program for you based on our S.P.A.C.E. framework. This includes:

Personalized Roadmap

Commitment and support for where you want to go

Monthly Calls

One-on-one Zoom sessions and supplementary calls

Insights & Resources

Suggested tools and content to supplement your journey

Ali Jafarian - Coach

Ali Jafarian

Ali created SPACE after experiencing a transformational journey of his own. He's now excited and inspired to help others find space. Ali sees coaching as a wonderful gift for two people to learn from and experience together. He also enjoys the challenge of holding and creating space for transformation to occur.

You can learn more about Ali at:

Who is this for?

Our consulting programs are designed for ambitious and curious people. We generally make the greatest impact with those who've reached some measure of success in their business, but still feel that something is off. People who are seeking deeper connection and impact in their work.

Who we typically serve:
  • Leaders in businesses / software / technology
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • Specialized consultants
  • Accomplished people feeling excess stress or anxiety

That said, we are interested in working with anyone who wants to take an intentional journey into conscious leadership. So, please inquire even if you don't fit our typical demographic.

SPACE Consulting

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