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Operate From Love

Where do you operate from? There are generally two places to operate from – fear or love. Operating from fear is ego driven. It comes from a place of lack. It feels like a “should” action that satisfies some need...


Your Greatest Purpose

What’s your purpose in life? Try to answer that with intention, integrity and truth, and you might feel challenged. It’s a deep question that’s played games with some of humanity’s greatest minds. You might come up with an answer that...


Creating Alignment

Alignment is what makes meaningful relationships work. Our marriages, partnerships, projects, teams, missions and experiences are all founded from alignment. If we’re aligned, things work. If we’re not aligned, things don’t work. After all, alignment is simply a position of...


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Energy, Power and Vitality with Pedram Shojai

Pedram Shojai is a modern day Jedi. He spent time as a Taoist monk and doctor of Oriental medicine. He’s written best-selling books, produced films, and helped millions of humans find better health. He’s also known in the world as...


Navigating Life Dimensions with Eric Turnnessen

Eric is a man of depth and creativity. He recently experienced a profound transition after exiting his software company of 14 years. Now he’s focused on coaching entrepreneurs and creatives, producing music, and surrendering to what life presents. This episode...


Surrender From The Heart with Dr. Kelly Flanagan

New episode with my good friend and amazing author, Dr. Kelly Flanagan. Kelly is a father, husband, powerful coach and many other things in addition to being a talented author. His words have impacted me in beautiful ways and I’m...


The Journey Back to Self with Philip McKernan

I have the privilege of sharing this extraordinary episode with my friend and mentor, Philip McKernan. Philip is the type of human who’s hard to describe with words. You simply have to experience him. This episode gives you a glimpse...


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Because we live in a world that often fills space, instead of providing more of it. Because we've lost track of who we are at our core. Because we've simply forgotten how to create space for ourselves...

SPACE is a path to own your truth.

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Ali Jafarian - SPACE
Ali Jafarian

Welcome to SPACE. I created this content and coaching framework to help people realize their most authentic self. This isn't for everybody. In fact, this is for the few that are courageous enough to ask some of life's biggest questions. Curious to learn more?

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New Year Opportunities

Every new year is a turning point that offers opportunity. I believe 12 months is an extraordinary amount of time, which deserves space to be examined, explored and fully experienced before we move into the next 12 months. May these...

Leaning Into Life Transitions

Major life transitions can be scary… This includes things like big moves, relationship changes and career transitions. Where we live, who we commit to, and what we do for work are three of the biggest decisions we’ll make in our...

Leading From the Back

Leadership is an honor and a responsibility. It’s something the world will always need. The act of leading is how we create momentum around ideas, initiatives and progression. It’s a choice and a privilege to lead others. Leadership is also...

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