Moments of Realization

Our lives are filled with moments. These moments contain energy, emotion and wisdom. How we experience these moments determines our reality. We can choose to be present in each moment and experience everything it offers. Or, we can choose to…

Testing Your Edge

We all have an edge in relation to our comfort zone. This edge is a representation of how far we’ve explored certain areas of our lives. It’s also a representation of how safe we feel. The edge is usually scary….

Realizing Personal Growth

Personal growth is a fickle concept. It’s a powerful notion that drives us to progress. For example, we aim to become better in different areas of our lives. We often aspire to become the “best version” of ourselves, which is…

We Often Need Less

Most humans have a lot of things in their lives. They have a lot of thoughts, commitments, relationships, belongings and overall chaos. Chaos is creation. So it’s fair to say we create a lot in our lives. We are much…

Curiosity is a Superpower

We’re naturally curious beings. We’re born into this world with natural wonder about how our world works. It’s our default way of being human. When we stay curious, life tends to flow. Questions become easier to answer, emotions become smoother…

Musing and Internal Wisdom

I’ve learned to muse a lot in recent years. It helps me process ideas and thoughts to fully understand what I’m experiencing. The realization of what I’m experiencing is what I call internal wisdom. Musing is different from normal thinking….

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