The zone of genius was coined by author and speaker Gay Hendricks. In his book, The Big Leap, Hendricks defines the zone of genius as “the range of activities that give us natural pleasure and proficiency.”

I would describe zone of genius as:

A pure reflection of your unique abilities.

It’s the intersection where our talents meet our passions. It’s the zone where we can get lost in flow state, lose track of time, and cultivate our authentic creativity.

Here’s an overview of our 4 zones –

1. Zone of Incompetence

The zone of incompetence is where you’re doing things that you don’t really understand, nor do you do them do well. These things don’t come easy to you and they are challenging or frustrating.

2. Zone of Competence

The zone of competence is where you’re doing things that you understand, and you can do them well. These things may come easily and are things you can execute quickly with results.

3. Zone of Excellence

The zone of excellence is where you’re doing things that you excel at. You have a high degree of understanding, or mastery, and you can do these things extremely well. These things are very familiar to you and things you can execute better than most people.

4. Zone of Genius

The zone of genius is where you’re doing things that reflect your unique abilities. These are things that represent your natural talents, gifts and authentic self. These things give you energy, fulfilment and joy. They are things you are passionate about and can execute better than anyone in the world.