Transition to Creating SPACE

Episode 025
Duration 8 min

This episode explains the exciting transition of renaming my podcast from “The Pursuit of Something” (previous name), to The Power of SPACE. I explain why the name is changing and what the future of the podcast looks like.


Welcome back folks. Happy New Year to everyone. I am energized to experience 2023 with new perspective, ideas, and commitments. As a result of that, I've got an exciting update today related to a big change for the podcast. You may have noticed a different intro with a different name, which is part of this change.

After a year and 24 awesome episodes, I felt called to change the name to The Power of SPACE . So instead of The Pursuit of Something, the podcast will now be named The Power of SPACE going forward.

Here's a little context and backstory for why.

So, I originally started this podcast during a phase of deep self-discovery. The pursuit of something was a perfect name for that phase of my journey at that time. And as that name implied, I was actually pursuing something myself, a sense of direction per se .

During that time, I had some amazing conversations and experiences that helped me realize what I was pursuing, which ended up being a deeper connection with people and fulfillment.

In other words, the pursuit of something supported me in waking up to my next thing. Call it a project, purpose, business, work, whatever you feel like labeling it. For me, it's simply the next thing that I plan to give major energy to. That thing is essentially creating space for people, experiences, and fulfillment.

To that extent, I've appropriately named it space. Yep. S P A C E. All caps by design. This is a powerful word in my life for many reasons, including.

One. My personal relationship to creating space and needing it, which allows me to show up as my authentic self. I truly believe that, and that's the work that is currently giving me the most energy and lighting me up inside. Is how can I show up as my authentic self and then help others do the same?

Two. The letters in space are also an acronym which reflect self, purpose, art, connection and environment. These words are the focus of my new content, coaching and exploration. You can learn all about that on the new website,

And third, finally, a fun one. Space reflects my fascination for actually visiting outer space one day. Yes, this is a bucket list item of mine that I plan to fulfill sometime in the future.

All that said, I'm not entirely sure what space is going to become, nor does that bother me. In fact, it's extremely liberating to let this project evolve into what it wants to become. That's a form of surrender I've learned to embrace during my pursuit of things.

Surrendering to this, for example, instead of trying to control it, excites me and aligns with my instinct of letting nature decide. So for now it's a bit of coaching, consulting, and content creation, including this podcast.

To be more precise, I'm coaching clients through personal transformation or work on self. This is similar to life coaching, but with a strong blend of conscious leadership. It's ideal for people who've reached some measure of success in their lives, but still feels something is off.

I am consulting for small businesses who want to bring space to their teams and work environments. This can be a game changer for how people show up and collaborate together.

And of course, I'm creating content to support space principles and methodologies, including this podcast.

So I'm very excited for this and scared in a healthy way. I feel that there's some courage needed to step into this, which I'm doing and honoring that. I feel this is what I'm called to do right now.

That said, I'm also a bit sad to let go of the previous podcast name. I had a lot of fun with the pursuit of something and learning about people's pursuits, asking them my potent question, what's in focus? It was a great ride, and while I'm kind of hesitant to retire that name, my emotions are telling me it's time to let it go.

So this is a good practice in accepting that many things in life have a timeline and the pursuit of something simply reached its end of life. I'm very at peace with that.

So the next and final question or discussion point is what's going to be different on the podcast? I'm glad you asked. From a content perspective, not a whole lot.

I'm still going to interview amazing people and bring the same level of curiosity to the conversations. I'm not planning to disrupt the general flow or design of episodes much at all. The main change will be the root of the questions. Instead of asking people what they're pursuing, I intend to ask where they're creating space in their lives.

This will likely be supported by why and how they're creating space in their lives. Basically, I want to get hyper curious about the human habit of creating space. I think this unique angle brings some new understanding and awareness to the core of our actions. The deeper motivations, the drive that explains what we do and why.

In that light, the way people answer such questions may be the same answer to what they're pursuing or what's currently in focus. So again, the quality of content is unlikely to change much. The shift here is more a byproduct of my focus. And being able to explore new space. Pun intended, there will be a lot of, uh, future space puns, just so you know.

I also intend to get back into some solo episodes. I took a break from those last few months and decreased my production in general, which is a reflection of needing some extra space. In other words, I needed space to create the thing I'm calling SPACE.

See, I told you tons of puns are coming with this.

But joking aside, I plan to increase production heading into 2023. I got some awesome guests lined up for the podcast with amazing stories and experiences to share. I also feel more alive and inspired to just hit record and create some genuine content to honor this project. That's a big commitment for me in 2023. Sharing the power of space .

So that's the story, and I'm sticking to it. As always, I appreciate you listening to this and sharing your attention with me. I hope I inspire you to create some space on this journey in a way that helps you show up as your authentic self. That's a big part of my why for doing this.

Stay tuned for a new episode coming soon. Until then.

Ali Jafarian

Ali is a creator and coach who's passionate about guiding people to their truth. That's a fancy way of saying he wants to help people realize their most authentic life. He's a family man, entrepreneur, conscious technologist, explorer, podcast host and many other things that inspire him to stay curious and learn. He's also a huge advocate for nature, hiking, adventure, testing physical limits and experiencing the natural world.