Realizing Personal Growth

Personal growth is a fickle concept. It’s a powerful notion that drives us to progress.

For example, we aim to become better in different areas of our lives. We often aspire to become the “best version” of ourselves, which is noble.

But what does that really mean? And more importantly, can we realize it?

To become the best version of yourself is not an attainable goal. If we become better one day, then we have the opportunity to become even better the next day. It’s a moving target that we can never fully realize if we’re aware that we can always become better.

So the best version of ourselves is really a perpetual journey of awareness.

It’s a better understanding of yourself and your life. It’s pursuing your highest calling or potential. It’s living into your most authentic expression. It can be realized in every moment if you wake up and pay attention.

Realizing personal growth is experiencing greater awareness.

Ali Jafarian

Ali is a creator and coach who's passionate about guiding people to their truth. That's a fancy way of saying he wants to help people realize their most authentic life. He's a family man, entrepreneur, conscious technologist, explorer, podcast host and many other things that inspire him to stay curious and learn. He's also a huge advocate for nature, hiking, adventure, testing physical limits and experiencing the natural world.