Musing and Internal Wisdom

I’ve learned to muse a lot in recent years. It helps me process ideas and thoughts to fully understand what I’m experiencing. The realization of what I’m experiencing is what I call internal wisdom.

Musing is different from normal thinking.

Musing requires a deeper investigation of thought, which usually includes a deeper investigation of emotion. Connecting thought to emotion is where we cultivate more internal wisdom.

Musing also requires time and space.

We need time with ourselves to muse. We need distance from distractions to muse. We cannot muse in demanding environments.

The point of musing is to be with deep thought, which unlocks more internal wisdom.

This is the first SPACE muse.

Ali Jafarian

Ali is a creator and coach who's passionate about guiding people to their truth. That's a fancy way of saying he wants to help people realize their most authentic life. He's a family man, entrepreneur, conscious technologist, explorer, podcast host and many other things that inspire him to stay curious and learn. He's also a huge advocate for nature, hiking, adventure, testing physical limits and experiencing the natural world.