Choosing Adventure

Choosing Adventure

June 28, 2024

Adventure is innate to the human experience.

It’s the natural excitement of risk, hazard and uncertainty. It’s the exploration into unknown territory.

Adventure can offer us many things:

  • It offers a path back to our wild roots and imagination.
  • It offers an opportunity to be with what is, not what’s expected.
  • It offers alignment with nature and organic growth.
Adventure offers us the choice to feel more alive.

Humans have chosen adventure for thousands of years. It’s how we navigate the the world and push the boundaries of what’s possible. From biology to psychology to technology.

We can experience adventure in different ways, if we’re willing to create space for it. If we’re willing to choose it.

However, adventure also scares a lot of people.

Many of us have become so comfortable and complacent in our daily lives. We’ve been conditioned to expect the future. We choose the routine, take the safer path and surround ourselves with certainty.

We grip money and time like there will never be enough. We defer the things that fuel our soul for the things that calm our mind. We accept the easier choices for stability, control and status.

Our sense of excitement is checking social media for notifications, or scanning Netflix in hopes of something new to watch. Things that numb us to the real human experience.

Most people have lost their true sense of adventure.

True adventure is for the few and bold who welcome uncertainty. The minority who practice surrender and presence. The brave collective who dance with chaos and make fear their friend.

True adventure is not knowing the path ahead, but having the courage to continue exploring.

True adventure is a part of you… but you have to choose it. You have to create space.

Ali Jafarian

Ali is a creator and coach who's passionate about guiding people to their truth. That's a fancy way of saying he wants to help people realize their most authentic life. He's a family man, entrepreneur, conscious technologist, explorer, podcast host and many other things that inspire him to stay curious and learn. He's also a huge advocate for nature, hiking, adventure, testing physical limits and experiencing the natural world.