Answering the Call

Answering the Call

January 17, 2024

Life will call you into new and amazing things.

This includes new experiences, commitments, feelings and connections. For example:

  • We can get called into new travel and adventure.
  • We can get called into new partnerships and relationships.
  • We can get called into new projects or vocations.
  • We can get called into new communities.
  • We can get called into missions that serve humanity.

Life calls us into things all the time. It’s a part of being human and connected to everything.

However, we have to be open to receive the call. We have to pay attention and be aware of when we’re called and why. We have to choose a conscious state of being to accept the call and all of its energy.

When we do this, extraordinary things will happen.

That said, we have to be open and ready to answer.

We cannot receive the call when we’re busy and closed off. We won’t feel the call when we’re stressed, distracted and overwhelmed. We cannot accept the call when we choose an unconscious state of being.

The call will pass and all of its energy with it.

Most humans simply miss the call because they don’t create space for it.

Stay open, stay aware, and stay conscious.

Create space to answer the call.

Ali Jafarian

Ali is a creator and coach who's passionate about guiding people to their truth. That's a fancy way of saying he wants to help people realize their most authentic life. He's a family man, entrepreneur, conscious technologist, explorer, podcast host and many other things that inspire him to stay curious and learn. He's also a huge advocate for nature, hiking, adventure, testing physical limits and experiencing the natural world.