Intro course to SPACE fundamentals – the WHY, WHAT and HOW. This is a quick preview to the path towards inner work and living a more authentic life.


30 min


Course Modules

3 min

Hello and welcome! Thank you for taking time to be curious and learn about SPACE. This is an introductory course to SPACE principles and inner work. What is Inner Work? From my lens, inner work is the process of understanding...


2 min

Why do we need to create space? We live in a world where humans are more anxious, busy and stressed than ever. Most of us are “asleep” and reacting to our external world. We blast through our chaotic lives staying...


What: The Framework

The five letters in SPACE reflect the following areas of focus: Self Understanding who you are SPACE starts with YOU. Find clarity in who you are so you can show up as your authentic self. Purpose Discovering what drives you...


How: The Work

How do we start to create space? 1 Awareness Slow down, simplify and surrender Understand your energy, patterns and conscious states 2 Discovery Identify who you are, how you operate, and what makes you come alive Ignite your gifts and...



First and foremost, thank you for exploring this content. I’m grateful for your time and energy! I believe self discovery work is a powerful path to a more authentic life. I also believe most of us desire to live a...


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