The American Coder

This is a story inspired by The Story of the Mexican Fisherman. A venture capitalist (VC) was at a local coffee shop one morning when a young man with a laptop came in. The young man ordered a coffee and sat down to open his laptop. He began working on a client project while sipping … Continue reading "The American Coder"

Dropping Should Bombs

Should can be a very strong word. It might seem like a subtle part of English language, but I think it’s a powerful word with more impact than we realize. Let’s start with the definition. • should Used to indicate obligation, duty, or correctness, typically when criticizing someone’s actions. Obligation, duty and correctness are all … Continue reading "Dropping Should Bombs"

What is Enough?

I’ve been asking this question a lot lately – What is enough? It’s a recurring question that applies to so many aspects of our lives. For example: What is enough sleep? What is enough food? What is enough exercise? What is enough personal growth? What is enough spirituality? What is enough social interaction? What is … Continue reading "What is Enough?"

Take Off Your Mask, Please

Have you ever met someone that seemed like they were putting on a show? Or better yet, have you been that person that said something that didn’t feel true to you? I’ve been that person. I’ve worn “masks” to act like I’m something other than my true self. I didn’t even realize I was wearing … Continue reading "Take Off Your Mask, Please"

The Power of Creating Space in Nature

Sometimes it’s hard to create space for ourselves in normal routine. In fact, I think we can make it really hard. There’s constant pressure and influence to keep us busy and suffocated. We subconsciously, or consciously, commit to a packed schedule with little room to breathe. A few examples you might relate to: The constant … Continue reading "The Power of Creating Space in Nature"

What ASAP Really Means in Business

We need this ASAP – as soon as possible. This phrase and acronym gets used every minute all over the business world. It’s littered in emails, phone calls, Zoom conferences and anywhere else that we’re discussing tasks or initiatives. It’s the standard for requesting something NOW. While it may seem fine, and even polite compared … Continue reading "What ASAP Really Means in Business"

3 Powerful Ways to Create Daily Space

The ability to create space in your day can have massive impact on your quality of life. I can only share this from a place of experience. I used to be the type of person who had a packed schedule with very little “free time.” There was always something to do, someone to see, or … Continue reading "3 Powerful Ways to Create Daily Space"

Why SPACE Was Created

It was 2019 and my life was chaotic… I had a newborn daughter who was starting to walk. I had a 3 year old son who was starting to run. I had a loving wife who got bits and pieces of me. I had distant parents and a brother who occasionally got my attention with … Continue reading "Why SPACE Was Created"

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