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Growth in Linear vs Circular Journeys

We often look at journeys in our life as a means of growth or learning. However, we often overlook the way we approach the journey. Here’s the idea – There are two ways we could approach journeys in our life....

Choosing Mental Clarity

Do you have mental clarity? Are you in control of your thoughts most of the time? I recently asked my wife why she watches the news. Her answer was, “To get a sense of what’s going on in the world.”...

Cultivating a Courageous Life

What does it mean to live a courageous life? It doesn’t mean you have to be brave and courageous all the time. It doesn’t mean you have to take crazy risks. It certainly doesn’t mean you have to be a...

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The Journey Back to Self with Philip McKernan

I have the privilege of sharing this extraordinary episode with my friend and mentor, Philip McKernan. Philip is the type of human who’s hard to describe with words. You simply have to experience him. This episode gives you a glimpse...


Emotional Transformation with Michael Chu

Mike is a friend, he’s a fellow Front Row Dad, and someone I’ve had the privilege of sharing some profound experiences with. His energy and wisdom are dynamic. This episode covers a range of insights and inspring stories. Mike shares...


Be Light with Rocky Russo

Very excited to release this episode with my friend, Rocky Russo – a warm soul shining light into the the world. In this episode Rocky and I traverse a range of topics related to self-love, wellness, coaching and community. He...


Healing Through Humility with Jon Vroman

This is a special episode with a very important guy in my life – Jon Vroman, or “JV” as I like to call him. Jon and I have a very open conversation about healing, deep self discovery and true humility....


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